Vengeance Gold

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Pro-Bow: Our classic bow

Low-Bow: For the skilful players for 3D Hockey and flicking

Crazy-Bow: For those who need some crazy sh*t! Extreme Late-Bow!

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vengeance (plural vengeances) /ˈvɛnˌdʒəns/

Revenge taken for an insult, injury, or other wrong.

Vengeance will be yours! With the Vengeance range you’ll get just the stick you need! This year we created a new noble design which we used for all of our Vengeance Sticks! We have now 4 different shapes: Pro-Bow, Low-Bow, Crazy-Bow and Banana-Bow.


Vengeance Gold: Our premium stick! In the Vengeance Gold we combined Carbonbraid-Technology with traditional Multi-Level-Layers and a new German Formula-1 resin. 95% Carbon and 5% Kevlar, the only choice for winners!

Choose a bow to fit your style!

The Vengeance Gold is available in:

  • Pro-Bow
  • Low-Bow
  • Crazy-Bow

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